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Forensic Services Division

The Forensic Services Division, directed by Dr. Michael P. Brannon, is dedicated to providing comprehensive, objective, and understandable forensic evaluations related to a wide range of psycho-legal issues. With his specialized training and expertise in the field of forensic psychology, Dr. Brannon’s goal is to provide comprehensive psychological evaluations for lawyers and judges practicing in the criminal justice system. Almost any forensic issue that arises in a criminal case can be handled with the skill and objectivity that is critical to forensic evaluation services. For a list of Dr. Brannon’s areas of expertise, please visit the Practice Areas page.

IBSL also provides psychological evaluations for public safety personnel, such as law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, and civilian employees of law enforcement agencies. Referrals for pre-employment psychological evaluations as well as fitness for duty evaluations are accepted.

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