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IBSL Products

PhotoThe “Do You Know” Book - booklet for law enforcement officers, attorneys, and judges to use with children when trying to determine if a child witness is competent to testify.

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$15.00 for ten (10) booklets (plus S & H)

Product Description: In legal matters, witnesses are presumed competent to testify. However, in child witness cases, this presumption often is challenged, especially with young child witnesses. When challenged, interviewers usually are expected to show that the child was competent to provide reliable information at the time of the interview. The "Do You Know" Book was specifically developed for this purpose. It is an interactive booklet that helps interviewers address three important aspects to a child witness’ competency to testify the child’s awareness of the difference between the truth and a lie, the child’s appreciation of the meaning of an oath to tell the truth, and the child’s understanding of the potential consequences of not telling the truth. This colorful, fun, read-a-long booklet encourages children to check off answers to questions asking about right/wrong, real/make-believe, truth/lie, and making promises. The child (or the interviewer if the child is too young to write) also is asked to write in answers to more difficult questions about truth and lie. Once the booklet is completed, it can be included as a part of the investigative/interview record.

Child Sexual Abuse Interviews (CSAI) - a semi-structured interview for use in child sexual abuse investigations.

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$20.00 for ten (10) CSAI forms (plus S & H)

Product Description: The CSAI is a semi-structured interview developed for use with alleged sexual abuse victims. It is intended to be nonleading in its coverage of all the possible areas relevant to child sexual abuse. It is also designed to be sensitive to changing developmental levels in children. Topics covered in the CSAI include: Rapport Building and Information Gathering, Competency Screening, Labeling Body Parts, What Happened, Where, When/# of times, Genital Contact or Exposure, Secrecy/Threatening Elements, Child Pornography/Exploitation, Psychological Impact/Closing the Interview, and Professional Impressions.