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Forensic Consultation

Legal cases involving psychological issues or mental illness are often complicated, making them quite challenging, even unmanageable at times, to lawyers on either side of the case. At IBSL, the goal of forensic consultation is to make those complex cases more manageable by providing attorneys with basic, understandable information about the field of psychology as it relates to a specific legal case or legal issue. Whether it be in the criminal, family, or civil arena, one of IBSL’s forensic consultants is available to critically analyze the case at almost any stage in the litigation. By utilizing the latest developments in forensic psychological science, our forensic consultants can offer an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case and assist in developing a successful legal strategy to reach the ultimate legal goal.

Areas in which a forensic consultation may be of assistance include

  • Case review to provide a realistic direction to pursue in the case
  • Suggestions related to investigative and/or trial strategy
  • Understanding the psychological aspects of winning at trial
  • Preparing direct examination, cross-examination, and/or deposition questions
  • Review of other experts’ reports
  • Comprehensive assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Helping to familiarize child witnesses with the courtroom
  • Helping to familiarize non-forensic mental health witnesses with legal procedures, cross-examination strategies, and general strategies for offering testimony

Please review our Practice Areas pages to see the specific types of cases in which we may be able to offer consultation assistance.